Aditya is a great instructor, in particular for CFA study. He explained the key concepts clearly and derived the formula for our deeper understanding. He also blended in industry practice and implication with examples in teaching to bring in the relevance of CFA topics to life.

I also liked Aditya’s approach on teaching where he would pick some students to answer questions and conducted short quizzes before class to reinforce active learning and revision. This was extremely helpful and effective and pushed me for intensive learning during spare time after work. I managed to pass the exams by first attempt after finishing his courses. For all that I mentioned, I strongly recommend Finstructor’s CFA courses.

Icy Dong, Senior Investment Products Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the Finstructor’s review program. The preparatory program has helped me in getting ready for my CFA examination and entering the examination room with confidence. Even though I did not have any background in Finance but still I managed to get through the exam and all credit goes to Finstructor's expert faculty, who not only gave enough practice but also dedicated their precious personal time as well so that I managed to get through the concepts.

Elena Lyubovskaya, Leasing Coordinator

The key to cracking the Exam is continuous and rigorous practice. Finstructor’s program exposed me to all the concepts of the CFA curriculum. Their training modules are highly structured and focus on problem solving. They have played a vital role in my preparation for the exam. I am grateful to them for their guidance

Stephen Ching Ka Lun

I want to recommend Finstructor’s course to all non-finance students who are preparing for the CFA exam. Usually the CFA topics are considered as the privilege of only commerce and finance students. Coming from an Engineering background, Finstructor’s course simplifies difficult concepts and makes the most difficult part of the course feel manageable. They have a great classroom tutor. The videos and quiz were really useful for consolidating what we covered in class.

Nicole Lee

Finstructor strikes the right balance between academic knowledge and industry experience. This not only makes understanding concepts faster, but also aides in retention especially for voluminous courses like CFA, FRM etc.

As his student, I believe Aditya is a very approachable coach and makes every possible effort to foster an interactive learning environment. He encourages students to participate in the learning process through queries and quizzes.

He is passionate about his subject and this is clearly reflective in his content delivery style and effort made by him to “explain until understood”.

I would highly recommend Finstructor to students and institutions.

Diago Rodrigues, Private Banking Relationship Manager, Hong Kong

I enjoyed Finstructor’s class and have benefitted a lot from their CFA lessons while preparing for my CFA exam. The instructor efficiently condensed piles of CFA study materials into his classes, and is able to connect all of those knowledge points together. Meanwhile, he also weaved in with his rich industry experience which made the classes even more vivid and memorable. Overall, I recommend Finstructor especially to those who don't have much time to prepare like me and are looking to connect all of the scattered knowledge points in CFA within a little time as possible.

Christine Zhu, Transaction Diligence

It was a wonderful experience for me as I didn't have any finance background but Finstructor’s efforts gave me enough confidence and knowledge to attempt the level I exam. Even after being from a non-commerce background, I had no problem following the concepts. The faculty and their teaching methodology were to the point and almost always managed to bring the concepts to its simplest level. The lectures are interactive and not monologues, so you get to hear other people’s perspectives too

Katrina Li

Thanks, Aditya. This would not have been possible without you. You are one of the finest instructors I have come across in my life. Many Thanks and Regards.

Claire Chow

Finstructor clarifies basic concepts and makes them sound real simple, thanks to Aditya. The Equity & Portfolio Management classes were the best. Overall the classes have helped me clear my CFA level I . Looking forward to clear level II this year.

Karan Gosalia

I am glad to inform that I have cleared the CFA Level I. Thank you very much for your guidance, clarity of explanation and extensive problem sets.

Ankit Jhunjunwala, GlOBE COTYARN Pvt. Ltd.

I would recommend all the prospective FRM Candidates and to all Risk Management Students to attend the classes organized by Finstructor.

Raksha Bhagat, Financial Analyst
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